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JMT is not limited to doing tattoo jewelry, we are also own a full service jewelry
and engraving business.



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Q. What’s the difference between silver, gold and platinum?

A. Click here for our guide to precious metals

Q. How long does the process take?

A. Depending on the complexity of the project, the average lead time will be between 3- 6 weeks. Keep in mind, every piece we do is a custom piece.

Q. Is this expensive?

A. Our prices begin at about $150 for a small silver piece. The final price is determined by the size of your piece, the complexity of your tattoo design and the metal you choose.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Once you approve the estimate, we require a 50% deposit down to start the wax model of your tattoo design. The other 50% plus shipping will need to be paid when the jewelry is finished for delivery. We accept paypal only. If you do not have a paypal account, click here to set one up.

Q. How long is an estimate valid?

A. 72 hours. Metal prices fluctuate on a daily basis, we will honor the quote given for 72 hours, then will be happy to give you a new quote if yours expires before you make a decision.

Q. Do you do international shipping?

A. Yes, but remember when trying to reach us during business hours, we are on central standard time.

Q. How do I keep my finished piece clean?

A. We use tarnish-resistant Argentium TM Silver. Gold will not tarnish with wear; Platinum will not tarnish.

Q. I will need a necklace or bracelet for my finished piece; can I purchase one from you?

A. Yes, if you need a necklace or bracelet we’d be happy to supply one at an additional charge. We can include the price in the quote, or price it separately.

Q. If I want to purchase more than one piece of the same item can I get a price break?

A. Yes! We will only charge a one-time design and wax carving fee. The additional pieces can be made at the same time, or we can pull your file from our secure archives and make it at a later time.

Q. What if I don’t have a tattoo, but I have a picture of one I like?

A. We can still make it for you! If you haven’t committed to putting a design on your skin yet we can still make the piece and you can wear it until you do!

Q. Can I have my finished piece personalized?

A. Yes. We can engrave your finished piece. The amount of characters (letters, symbols, etc…) will depend on the size of your piece and can be discussed before your piece is shipped.

Q. Do you make any other jewelry?

A. Yes. We are a full service jewelry shop. You do not need a tattoo to have a piece made with us! Email your idea and we can make it happen. Diamonds, colored stones, EXTRA LARGE pendants, you name it, we can do it!

Q. How do you get all that detail into small pieces?

A. The smaller the piece is, the less detail will show. We work hard to ensure your piece is accurate down to the smallest detail. We can also suggest a size for your piece.